What is Scmoogle?

Scmoogle is world’s first mobile app that lets you give a public shout out at your current location. Interestingly, which can be heard (technically seen 😛 ) by other users around you and your city. And, if you were interesting enough, your entire country might also find out about your scmoogle.

Look up for a Scmoogle.

Not only you see scmoogle updates by other users, you can also look for scmoogle of your interest with the help of #.  For instance, a search of #food would get you scmoogles filtered on your screen that has #food somewhere in it.

Scmoogle Basics

You update a scmoogle

like a status.

Your scmoogle in Trend

When you update a scmoogle, it is public and can be seen by users around you. If your scmoogle is interesting, other users may like your scmoogle and you might get in trend.

look around or look up

look around scmoogles on your map or filter via #.

Look in to a flashing Scmoogle

You might see a scmoogle flashing, it means its trending and interesting too. You can simply click on the flashing scmoogle and see what’s there inside it, that made it trending.

Empowerment. (Ohh the high words)

What you say here goes to public straight away. You can have some fun with it or can use it for serious business.

See messages from friends

Chat with friends in the app and check messages whenever you feel so. Get friends request or send friend requests to connect with like-minded people.

"Pretty cool app. Awaiting the launch."
Sam SmithSan Francisco
"It looks like this app could be the next social media wave."
John WilliamsDenver
"I am looking forward to it and can't really wait to see it live."
Liz JamesColorado
Get ready to Scmoogle!

Scmoogle Quick Screens

Get a glimpse of what’s inside Scmoogle.


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